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In these times of globalisation and migration, we are all interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds. We don’t need to go far anymore.
Diversity is part of our daily life, no matter what profession we have, no matter if we want to see it or not. Intercultural contacts have become part and parcel of many people’s life in many different fields.

The intercultural agenda is becoming the world’s agenda.

SIETAR Switzerland was founded in 2015. We are a diverse community of individuals and organisations, all sharing a strong interest in the intercultural field. We strive to raise intercultural awareness, taking a stance on intercultural topics in our multicultural society. In a collaborative and inclusive spirit, we wish to provide a platform for intercultural dialogue and to serve as a point of reference.
If you are interested in becoming a part of SIETAR Switzerland, please do take the time to browse our site and join us at one of our events!

May 6th, 2019 Basel MeetUp, a Success!

The tool presented « MoreThanOneStory » was well received and immediately engaged participants. Their feedback : « very professional, great atmosphere, very inclusive, insightful, fun, successful evening.... and great fusion food » from the multicultural kitchen of Soup&Chill! (The evening's proceeds were donated by SIETAR Switzerland to the Soup&Chill RestaurantduCoeur for their work with homeless people.)


SIETAR Switzerland News

SIETAR Switzerland is proud to announce it has been invited to join the global community of the UNESCO’s collaborative e-Platform on intercultural dialogue!

Latest Articles

What’s new in intercultural education in Switzerland?

Do you lead or work in an intercultural context? Would you like to? In our taught-in-English CAS International Leadership (Certificate of Advanced Studies) we focus on the four core challenges of international leaders. Give your cv a boost today with this recognized Swiss CAS from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Business! […]

A critique of “Tables and Chairs” teaching of ICC in schools

An interview with Daniel Glinz, Senior Coach and Trainer, cinfo, Biel What would you say are some specific shortfalls in the way intercultural competence/communication is taught in higher education?  If we want to efficiently develop intercultural communication competence, we need to do it in a holistic way. This means that we have to get out […]

Time to rethink research focus of ICC?

An interview with Dr Pia Stalder, Associate Professor of Intercultural Management, HEIG-VD, Yverdon I believe you have a new spin to share on how empirical research could shift its focus to address ICC and the benefits it could bring to the research. Can you tell me a bit more about it? In most – empirical […]

Making the academics of ICC relevant to students in a globalized world

An interview with Russell Harlow, Head of Global Resourcing, TMA World An issue that appears to be recurrent in the intercultural field has to do with the fact that efforts being made at the academic level are somehow not translating into visible outcomes in terms of intercultural competence. Do you see a disconnect between academia […]

Certificate of Global Competence; a look at BFH’s program to prepare students for global professional roles

An interview with Pesche Eigenmann, International Relations Officer at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. In 2014 the Bern University of Applied Sciences began offering the Certificate of Global Competence to its students. The aim of this certificate is to provide students with “excellent preparation for a professional future in a globalized context”. What do […]

Exchange programs and internationalization strategies; holistic approaches to enhancing ICC in among students?

An interview with Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey, Professor at the Centre for Applied Linguistics The University of Warwick. There seems to be a focus on on-boarding programs as the surest way of embedding intercultural competence in students in higher education. Is this a foolproof method or should we begin to look internally for other ways students […]