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In these times of globalisation and migration, we are all interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds. We don’t need to go far anymore.
Diversity is part of our daily life, no matter what profession we have, no matter if we want to see it or not. Intercultural contacts have become part and parcel of many people’s life in many different fields.

The intercultural agenda is becoming the world’s agenda.

SIETAR Switzerland was founded in 2015. We are a diverse community of individuals and organisations, all sharing a strong interest in the intercultural field. We strive to raise intercultural awareness, taking a stance on intercultural topics in our multicultural society. In a collaborative and inclusive spirit, we wish to provide a platform for intercultural dialogue and to serve as a point of reference.
If you are interested in becoming a part of SIETAR Switzerland, please do take the time to browse our site and join us at one of our events!

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SIETAR Switzerland News

SIETAR Switzerland is proud to announce it has been invited to join the global community of the UNESCO’s collaborative e-Platform on intercultural dialogue!

Announcing SIETAR Switzerland’s collaboration with the Swiss Students’ Union on the “Perspectives-Studies” project for refugees

It was a great honor to be approached by the Swiss Students’ Union (VSS-UNES-USU) in 2019, regarding a possible collaboration for their “Perspectives-Studies” project which has now been in existence for 3 years and has already met with a considerable measure of success

Latest Articles

Special Interest Group – Lebanon Initiative

This S.I.G. will be a first step to formalizing the creation of SIETAR Lebanon, currently in formation as the administrative process is currently complexified by legal changes in country. So far, over 20 academics, trainers/coaches, NGO and business leaders have expressed an interest and are joining this group. Members from SIETAR national associations with ties […]

Working Through COVID19 Times and Beyond: What could be the next normal for intercultural education, training and research?

Submitted by Jillaine Farrar, Vice President SIETAR Switzerland Around the globe, teachers and researchers have embraced change during the COVID-19 lockdown. Intercultural, social and technical challenges have accompanied teachers, students and researchers around the world. Acknowledging that there are limitations in what can be expected from all involved was an important starting point. Next comes […]

Can we raise cultural awareness? An Update from SIETAR Switzerland’s “Value Recognition for the Profession” Working Group

Within Sietar, we know the power and value of intercultural knowledge and skills.  We believe intercultural knowledge is beneficial to everyone working, living or making decisions internationally.  Unfortunately, this belief is not universal, and many fail to see the importance of our field of expertise. Who are our supporters? Who are the non-believers and the […]

Developing Global Leaders: Insights from African Case Studies Palgrave Studies in African Leadership, 2020 by Eva Jordans, Bettina Ng’weno, Helen Spencer-Oatey

Reviewed by Tawa Braimah, Editor SIETAR Switzerland newsletter At the risk of falling into the alluring trap of methodological nationalism, I would like to say that, for me, growing up in a typical African society like Ghana’s, it was clear that the concept of leadership hinged on hierarchy. According to  my reflections on leadership as […]

Special Interest Group: Africa Initiative

A group of SIETAR members with an interest in all things African are in the process of creating a Special Interest Group (SIG) on Africa. When the group is up and running—we hope by mid-June—membership will be open to SIETAR members anywhere in the world. The purpose of the SIG, formulated by the leadership team, […]

A few words from our new President

Dear Members, dear Friends and Followers, Welcome to this new edition of our newsletter, which is coming out a bit later than usual this year. Responding to the major turbulences caused by the pandemic, our editorial team quickly rethought its contents. Governments and individuals around our planet have been forced to reorganize and improvise in […]