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In these times of globalisation and migration, we are all interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds. We don’t need to go far anymore.
Diversity is part of our daily life, no matter what profession we have, no matter if we want to see it or not. Intercultural contacts have become part and parcel of many people’s life in many different fields.

The intercultural agenda is becoming the world’s agenda.

SIETAR Switzerland was founded in 2015. We are a diverse community of individuals and organisations, all sharing a strong interest in the intercultural field. We strive to raise intercultural awareness, taking a stance on intercultural topics in our multicultural society. In a collaborative and inclusive spirit, we wish to provide a platform for intercultural dialogue and to serve as a point of reference.
If you are interested in becoming a part of SIETAR Switzerland, please do take the time to browse our site and join us at one of our events!


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Latest News and Articles

Intercultural perspectives – An interview with Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

An interview with Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, university lecturer and president of SIETAR Austria What started your interest in intercultural issues? My interest began when, as a student in Austria, I went to Chile for a semester. By then I’d already spent a year studying in Milan and a summer working in Barcelona, but somehow those […]

Diversity: What’s in the name? – Prof. Dr. Jolanta Drzewiecka

What is diversity? While it is a buzzword in everyday parlance and in the organizational mission statements of public and corporate institutions, do we always know what it means? While my students express support for diversity, they are often not very clear about what it means in practice and how organizations can reflect and support […]

The culture of creativity – Vlad Glăveanu

Creativity is a popular topic today. Its popularity is based on the assumption – often validated by research – that creativity contributes significantly to the well-being and wealth of individuals and society. To create means to generate ideas, objects or practices that are both novel and meaningful. Creative work thus enriches our personal and social […]

Doing Business with the Arab World : Curse or Opportunity? – Dr Samer François Nakhle

The Middle East is an area which carries many stereotypes and myths. Many Westerners that have lived or worked in the Middle East might use the words chaotic, disorganized and frustrating when discussing doing business there. Although this is a matter of perception, it is true that business runs on very different tracks to business […]

SIETAR Switzerland invited to present at IDCN (International Dual Career Network) event at the Novartis Campus Basel, October 2nd, 2017

IDCN is nonprofit association formed through the collaboration of companies, NGOs and academic institutions with the purpose of facilitating the job search for mobile employees’ partners and providing member companies access to a turnkey pool of talent. The Basel Chapter of IDCN invited Anne-Claude Lambelet, President of SIETAR Switzerland; Christine Groell, SIETAR Switzerland Basel-based member […]

Performance appraisal in multinational companies: the most culturally sensitive HR practice? by Dr. Samer François Nakhle

As more multinational companies (MNCs) expand their international operations, they are becoming more exposed to, and gaining experience in, the diversity of cultures, customs and practices in each country in which their subsidiaries are located.  It is also argued that multinational companies are one of the vehicles diffusing these practices, because one important activity of […]