Welcome to SIETAR Switzerland!

Willkommen – Bienvenue – Benvenuto – Baignvegni


“Lately, I was strolling around the city and discovered a postcard in a shop, saying

“You have to take people the way they are. There are no others.”

I smiled and thought how very true this was. In times of globalisation, we are all interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds. We don’t need to go far anymore. Diversity is part of our daily life, no matter what profession we have, no matter if we want to see it or not. Intercultural contacts have become part and parcel of many people’s life in many different fields. Thus, the intercultural agenda is becoming the world’s agenda and working across cultures as well as across disciplines is needed. However, being in the intercultural field for many years made me realize that different behaviors are oftentimes looked at as a threat and not as an opportunity. But if we take people as they are, if we recognize and respect otherness, we will tab into a potential and will add value to individual relationship, teams, organizations and society.

We started SIETAR Switzerland in September 2014 because we felt that there was a need to raise intercultural awareness and dialogue in Switzerland. We believe that Switzerland being a country of lived multiculturalism could have more of a say in this area. We would like to develop a common platform for intercultural experts from areas such as business, education, public administration, consulting and research as well as for people with a different professional focus, but being interculturally challenged. We want become the go-to association for questions and challenges that the modern multicultural society we live in produces – we want to welcome people across cultures, professions, ages and genders because we belief in the potential of diversity.

Are you ready to take people as they are? To explore otherness and to use this potential? Do you want to have a fruitful exchange with like-minded people? Then please join us. I’m looking forward to welcoming you in SIETAR Switzerland.”

Dr. Christa Uehlinger

January 2015