SIETAR Switzerland is proud to announce it has been invited to join the global community of the UNESCO’s collaborative e-Platform on intercultural dialogue! The platform works to promote intercultural dialogue for more inclusive and sustainable societies.

“As our world is ever more connected, and diversity is our modern reality,
intercultural dialogue is essential to uphold human rights, and fight racism,
discrimination, intolerance and extremism.”

UNESCO e-Platform on Intercultural Dialogue Team

The platform provides:

  • Inspiration from concrete actions and good practices,
  • The opportunity to discover a great variety of engaged stakeholders from all over the world,
  • Details of initiatives that promote intercultural dialogue to advance the effective management of diversity.

This collaboration has been further reinforced since 2020 when SIETAR Switzerland, at the invitation of UNESCO, led a UNESCO – SIETAR Switzerland Focus Group Report in the framework of UNESCO’s The Futures of Education initiative.

In the visioning and research phase of this initiative, SIETAR Switzerland “mobilized over 20 key contributors on the ways intercultural competencies can play a role in transformative education, not only to address persistent issues but also to turn forthcoming challenges into powerful vehicles of inclusion”. The UNESCO news item published on 19.4.2021, provides an executive summary of the report. The full report is available here.

Change needs to be educational, cultural, and political. Action is the responsibility of every one of us! Many thanks to our group of experts for their insights and to UNESCO for the opportunity to contribute!