Mentoring program

« Mentoring is a new adaptation of the age-old concept of reciprocity practiced by all cultures. Usual reciprocal practices are implicit, whereas the mentoring contract makes the agreements explicit. » Elaina Zuker

In this spirit, SIETAR Switzerland is offering its members a mentoring program to assist with their professional development as part of our extended range of benefits.

Taken over 1 calendar year, this program of total 6 hours not only addresses the needs of members starting out in the intercultural field but also those of experienced interculturalists who may be requiring specific support in a new area of expertise.

Our seasoned group of mentors, many of them certified coaches, and our mentees receive attention and support from our Board throughout the process to ensure all parties mutually benefit of their exchanges. Both our mentors and mentees also receive recognition from our Association.

Interested in hearing how you can advance your personal development, grow your network, expand your career opportunities? Think this program may be for you? Then take a few minutes to review this document.

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