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Membership Benefits

  • You join the leading global intercultural network with over 50 years of intercultural experience and know-how.
  • You have access to a unique network which enables you to stay up to date by sharing best practices, latest developments and resources in the area of intercultural communication, management and research.
  • You can take advantage of opportunities for continued professional development.
  • You are invited to local, national and international congresses, conferences, training days, briefings and social events at specially discounted rates* both in Switzerland and beyond.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in special interest groups and task forces reinforcing your leadership, adding CV enhancing skills and gaining increased visibility in the profession.
  • You take an active role in building up the intercultural profession by contributing your ideas, research and best practices and have an essential impact on our future.

*Attendance at two major SIETAR events can provide enough savings to cover the cost of your annual membership.

Additionally for Corporate Members :

  • You access local intercultural trainers and coaches across the country with highest quality and professional standards.
  • You create sustainable In-House-Academy partnerships.
  • You participate in and initiate task forces and research groups around your topics of interest.


And for Academic Institutions*:

  • You access an association focussed on connecting research to practice.
  • You can expand your academic contacts across multiple institutions.
  • You have the opportunity to help your own students in the Intercultural field connect with a professional Association and participate in C.V. enhancing projects.

*should your class want to join as a group, please enquire regarding our group discounts which make student membership registration even more attractive.


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