#SIETARCovid_19, a special project capturing SIETARians’ experiences during the lockdown

Initiated by SIETAR España‘s Vice President Papa Balla Ndong, the #sietarCovid_19 art project invited all SIETARians from SIETAR Europa and beyond to share on their life through the lockdown. The objective was for our community to get to know each other better, strengthen ties and invite collective participation in the co-creation of an artistic collage Mural. From April 7 to April 28, 2020 a call for stories, photos, words, emoticons or images was made to express the diversity of our life experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result has been amazing as over 100 responses were received – and the creativity displayed in the contributions awsome. Contributions are currently being reviewed and the collage formatted before publication. This collective piece of reflection shows our common humanity beyond our diversity! Our global family suddenly got bigger!

About Papa Balla Ndong: Papa Balla Ndong, from Senegal, is a Human Migration Expert. He holds a Masters’ degree in International Migration from the faculty of Psychology at the University of Valencia. He has worked in Solans Lawyers Office, specializing in Foreign Law and participated in training courses in the General Council of the Spanish Judicial Power (CGPJ). Currently he performs the following charges: President of the Alternative Forum on Immigration, Coordinator of the Citizens Assembly Against Racism, Accredited Intercultural Mediator from Valencia Government, General Secretary of SOS Racisme Pais Valencia, Founding President of the African Union, Spain, Program Director MIRLAB and Board Member at SIETAR Europa.

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