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In a collaborative and inclusive spirit, we wish to provide a platform for our intercultural researchers and to serve as a point of reference. This includes highlighting the relevant research areas of our members. If you are a SIETAR Switzerland member and would like to have our research team consider your research for inclusion here, please contact us

The SIETAR Switzerland Board

Sabine E. Baerlocher, Intercultural Networker, Cultural and Religious Diversity Specialist, Entrepreneurship Coach

Sabine’s research is focused on intercultural and religious diversity at work. In 2018, she finalized an academic study on “Religious diversity practices within multinational companies in the French speaking part of Switzerland”. For more information on this study, please send her a message over Linkedin.

Sabine owns and manages Active Synapses, a company specializing in Intercultural Networking based in Geneva. Sabine studied law with a specialization in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. She grew up in Geneva and has worked and lived in France, the USA and the German part of Switzerland.


 Jillaine Farrar, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts-Business (HSLU-W)

Her latest article, co-authored with colleagues from Thai and Swiss universities in 2019 on ‘Trustworthy Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Network Partners: Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Partnerships in the International Entrepreneurial Process’ is here:

Jillaine grew up in Vancouver, Canada and moved to Switzerland in 1989.

She earned her M.Ed. at the University of Manchester in GB and her CAS International Leadership at the HSLU in Switzerland. In addition to the international experience gained from working in various international companies in Switzerland, running her own education company, and taking continuing-education programs such as the IDI, her international exchange work and lecturing at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts-Business and abroad have provided a solid basis for her work on both the CAS International Leadership and her SME Internationalization research.

Further, Jillaine is vice-president of the ICP European University Network and a SIETAR Switzerland mentor.


Pirmin Pfammatter, Researcher

Pirmin’s research concerns second-generation immigrants in Switzerland. He and his team try to understand how adult children of immigrants experience a possible acculturation gap between the first and the second generation. His focus is on intergenerational solidarity. Within this model, he and his team look at perceived filial obligation, feelings of indebtedness, ambivalence and support exchange across regions of origin.


Susan Schärli-Lim, Lecturer, Researcher, Head of International at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences – Institute of Nursing

Susan’s research combines her areas of expertise to support others in mastering the challenges of culture and diversity in successful interactions for health care professionals and patients.

Her latest publication, co-authored with Samuel van den Bergh and Shih Shih Wong, is available as of March 2020 under the title Intercultural Interactions for Health Professions / Interkulturelle Begegnungen in Gesundheitsberufen. ISBN 978-3-0355-1671-5

This is a critical incident approach containing 25 critical incidents with an accompanying intercultural analysis.

The book is available from and Amazon.

TraINErs: TraINERs is a research project that is funded by the EU Commission as well as Movetia, the Swiss National Agency for Exchange and Mobility. This research project runs from 2019-2022.  This research addresses the profile of an intercultural nurse educator (Intercultural mentor) as there is a gap in the literature of what the profile of an intercultural mentor educator is. An extensive literature search was done in regards to the intercultural educator, and a profile was created on the base of the literature research. This profile was then validated using the Delphi method. Based on this, a curricula will be designed to train the intercultural educator. This training will be validated when the intercultural educator trains students and an evaluation of the students’ gain in intercultural competence will be done.

The Project partners include 12 Swiss and European Universities and Higher Education Institutions.

Susan has lived, studied  and/or worked in Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and the USA. In addition to her work at the ZHAW, she is president of the Florence Network, a European Higher Education co-operation of 46 nursing and midwifery departments of European universities in 21 countries. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Her Federal Diploma of Education and her Master of Arts Intercultural Relations, she went on to earn several intercultural certifications.


Adelina Stefan, Intercultural Facilitator, Coach, Consultant and HR Research Analyst.

Links to her latest intercultural book published in 2019, book chapter and article are here:

Advancing intercultural perspectives through corporate training programs

Determinants of Women’s Entrepreneurial Attitude Across European Cultures: DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7479-8.ch004

Global Strategies for Culturally Diverse Workforce: HR Agenda Emerging Research and Opportunities for Business Sustainability

Adelina is the holder of an MBA from Plymouth University and MA in Sociolinguistics from the University of Bern. Combining both her academic and professional experience, Adelina helps leaders and business people to identify their talents, articulate their value with empathy, remain authentic, build trust and lead diverse teams.


Kimberly VanLandingham , CEO, trainer & speaker European Market Link Sàrl

Kimberly’s research follows her background and company focus. Specifically, she is interested in international business communication for analytical professionals, teams, and leaders.  She recently interviewed international business leaders, regarding their interest and support for cross-cultural/intercultural training. Her secondary research includes ongoing exploration into cross-cultural and intercultural communications for business, leadership, virtual teams, international public speaking, and cross-border B2B market growth processes.

She started her career in the US with a BSc in Electrical Engineering. She has led international teams, developed cross-border partnerships, and managed global businesses across multiple industries. She founded European Market Link in 2011 and went on to earn her master’s in cross-cultural communication. Today, she focuses on international communication for teams, cross-border sales, and international public speaking.