A few thoughts about the SIETAR Switzerland Congress by Irina Gomzina

Intercultural interaction comes naturally to me, since I’m a Finnish-Latvian of Russian descent currently living in The Hague! In 2012, I graduated from the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) with a master’s degree in intercultural communication. My work involves teaching and developing e-learning methods. The congress in Lugano provided a chance for me to re-connect with IC experts and update myself on current developments in the field. I also enjoyed meeting inspiring, like-minded people with whom I could share knowledge and experience. In the process of our exchanges I was able to explore the possibility of blending intercultural training with e-learning. I admired the presenters’ level of competence and professionalism and appreciated their insights on intercultural matters.

The practical ideas on constructive intercultural management (CIM), cultural intelligence (CQ), and, in particular, on the importance of self-management, will certainly be applicable in my work. This was my first time participating in a SIETAR congress, and I already look forward to meeting IC colleagues during the next get-together.


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