Unleashing Intercultural Understanding: The Power of Equine-Facilitated Learning

SIETAR Switzerland, in collaboration with EquiAuthentic, recently hosted an engaging and insightful experiential learning day focused on Equine Facilitated Learning and Intercultural Competence.

The event, titledEquine Facilitated Learning as an Intercultural Learning Accelerator and Cross-Cultural Development Method,” brought together participants from various backgrounds, including interculturalists, leaders and lecturers, to explore the powerful role that horses can play in intercultural learning and cross-cultural development.

Led by the experienced facilitators Gundhild A. Hoenig and Cornelia Roulet, the day was filled with meaningful activities and interactions that aimed to promote cross-cultural development and deepen participants’ understanding of themselves and others. The goal was to help participants uncover their authentic selves, connect with their inner wisdom, and develop a deeper connection between their body, heart, and mind.

Through a series of experiential learning activities, participants had the opportunity to develop emotional agility, overcome limiting behavioral patterns and fears, and transform limits into assets. The real-time interactions with horses allowed participants to experiment with new ways of communication and interaction for greater impact. The objective was to enhance intercultural excellence and develop cultural readiness, ultimately enhancing participants’ intercultural intelligence.

Throughout the day, photographer Milena Pache captured the highlights of the event in a captivating video. The video, which you can watch below, showcases the participants’ learnings and experiences, giving viewers a firsthand glimpse into the transformative power of equine-facilitated learning in the context of intercultural development.

SIETAR Switzerland and EquiAuthentic, the organization hosting the event, firmly believe that experiential learning – here horse-assisted – offers a unique and powerful approach to personal and professional growth. Through their collaboration they aimed to help individuals strengthen their intercultural competence and have a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives.

Whether participants were interculturalists, or simply curious, the experiential learning day provided an opportunity to discover the transformative potential of working with horses. The event offered an immersive and impactful experience that allowed them to deepen their understanding of intercultural dynamics and enhance their ability to thrive in a multicultural world.

SIETAR Switzerland extends its gratitude to all participants, the coaches and the photographer for their invaluable contributions in capturing the essence of this transformative experiential learning day. We remain committed to promoting intercultural understanding, diversity, and inclusion through innovative learning methodologies.

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